Will Upgrading To R-410a Cooling Save Energy?

DallasAC.com specializes in the replacement of existing home AC systems. Customers enjoy the comfort and energy savings of the new earth friendly R-410a based equipment.

“The new generation HVAC equipment using R-410a will save energy and lower your cooling bills.” This claim is almost always true but deserves a little explanation. HVAC manufacturers are continually making improvements that save energy and improve the quality of their products. For this reason any new system invariably outperforms the one being replaced. Design innovations, not the refrigerant in use are the critical factors. This means that an R-22 system could actually be more energy efficient than a system using new generation R-410a.

What ? Now what are consumers to do? The answer is not to worry. There is no reason to upgrade to R-410a equipment to save money. If the existing equipment is reasonably efficient, many times only maintenance of the current system is needed. A thorough analysis of the homeowner’s HVAC systemwhile it is running will help with the repair or replace decision.

“Okay, Doug, what is your point?” The point is don’t worry about what is inside your cooling system. (refrigerant-wise) Get a little help from a Pro to determine if you can save money with some improvements. If the person you consult does not offer alternatives….ask someone else.


Doug Stephens TACLB34855E is the owner of DallasAC.com and a Dave Ramsey Certified Coach. He became an AC tech during the 1980’s as a survival strategy while building his property portfolio.

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