Mini Split AC in Dallas best price of $69/month solves comfort problems with Mini Split AC systems. Mini splits which  also called inverter or ductless are quiet and efficient. Low operating costs and easy payments make mini splits the ideal choice for converted garages or game rooms.

Mini split technology is used in Europe and Asia for heating and cooling. It combines the efficiency of a heat pump with ease of installation and ultra high efficiency. Ductless units require no ductwork and can be utilized without any costly ductwork revisions. This is ideal for add-on rooms, converted garages or rooms that are never warm or cool enough. Minis also provide a separate HVAC zone that provides a backup system if the main central air system is down.

The secret to efficiency and quiet operation is the inverter technology used in mini split. Conversion of the household AC current into DC allows Ductless HVAC units to run at a wide variety of speeds. It is possible to match the system output with the demand. So on a 100 degree day, the system produces greater cooling output that on an 85 degree day. This is a great energy saver and provides much more consistent temperature control. Standard central HVAC systems do not have this ability and have lower efficiencies. That applies even to the latest state of the art models.

The true test of home HVAC is whether you are comfortable at an affordable price. A mini split system provides that by curing comfort problems in existing areas. It is also ideal for renovation projects. The new rooms can be heated and cooled without costly changes to the existing central heating equipment. The mini split is far more efficient and helps pay for itself with energy savings.

Doug Stephens (Doug The AC Guy) is a licensed contractor and owner of He is an authorized Trane dealer and also specializes in mini-split HVAC installations. Texas TACLB34855E


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