Home Air Conditioning: DO I REPAIR OR REPLACE?

Doug Stephens, owner of DallasAC.com and Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor helps customers make the repair or replace decision with their residential cooling systems

Cooling season is here in Dallas, again. Time to crank up that A/C and brace for the higher electricity bills of Summer. Many homeowners wonder if there is a way to reduce their energy bills. Unfortunately, there is no easy way for most people to resolve this issue. Following are a few ideas that might help.

Most people are familiar with the customary “energy audit” or “free bid”. Many times these are followed by a sales pitch to install a new system with endless calls and e-mails to this end. This makes sense because the people sent out to perform these visits are salesmen with quotas. Their misson is to sell you a new system.

An alternative is to engage a company like DallasAC.com to run a system test. You pay a modest service fee but get an unbiased report on your heating/cooling system. This analysis is performed while the system is running. This is not just a visual inspection with a ” hey it looks pretty old and is probably leaking”.

Many evaluations come back with results citing significant problems….Let’s face it, you would not normally have us review your HVAC equipment if you thought it was working well. With that said, many times we can offer alternatives or a reasonable plan for fix now, replace later.

Tons of info and misunderstanding is floating around out there about high efficiency, new and greener refrigerants, and so on and so on. We can tackle these topics in the upcoming weeks.

Doug Stephens is a long time investment property owner and Dave Ramsey Financial Coach. His focus is always on keeping cool but it must be simple and cheap.

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