Best AC Replacement Tips For Homeowners provides the best AC replacement at the lowest cost. Savvy homeowners can purchase Trane air conditioners for less than the bargain brands. Here are some tips from a pro.

Saving money on AC replacements can seem very confusing. Most people don’t need to do it very often and contractors don’t make it easy. Every company in town has rebates, sales, free offers and all types of sales campaigns. The following advice can save you thousands and remove a lot of stress from the process.

Let’s start by thinking about the sales process. How can a contractor offer cash rebates, free insulation and so forth? Obviously his prices have to be higher to offer those goodies and still make a  profit. What about all the time spent by a salesperson that comes out to your house? Who do you think pays for that? The answer is the same. The people that buy from that contractor pay for all that.

How can a homeowner avoid paying for all these extras? And not scrimp on quality or expert installation?  Step 1 is to get more than one bid. Start by getting a bid from one or more of the companies that evaluate your needs and spec out your  AC system. Get this in writing and do not sign up during their visit. Yes, you will have to put up with sales pressure. And, yes, you will have to spend some time with them. Remember, that you do need to have your system needs matched to current products. So this step is a must regardless of who installs your air conditioner.

Step 2 is to e-mail us a copy of your bid. Black out and hide the pricing data with a Sharpie first. will bid the work based upon the other company’s specs. We do not need to visit and we will not pester you about it. We save time and money. That allows us to offer you lower prices than any of our competitors. Everyone wins.

Step 3 is to call and schedule your installation. We will run the paperwork over to your home. While there we will double check the layout and equipment list. That is all there to it.

You can get the best pricing without all the gimmicks. Stop wondering if you got the best AC deal. Shop the rest, then contact and see for yourself.


Doug Stephens, TACLB34855E owns and operates, a full service Trane dealer. His specialty is the replacement of HVAC systems in existing homes. His motto is cool, simple, cheap.


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